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About Us

The America-Bosnia Foundation strives to foster stronger cultural, educational and political ties between the peoples of the United States of America and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The foundation organizes conferences, concerts, exhibitions, lectures, panels, and educational seminars in both Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the United States. ABF's mission is also to strengthen democratic values in Bosnia and preserve its multiethnic and multicultural character. We see the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the European Union and in the NATO alliance. We work with other local and regional NGO's to promote women empowerment, youth leadership, and human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Western Balkans. We are a strong advocate for building democratic governance, supporting entrepreneurship, improving our fiscal framework, and fighting corruption through promoting legislation and actions that can bring prosperity and stability to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our strategic partnership with the SAIS Center for Transatlantic Relations at Johns Hopkins University in Washington, DC has moved us beyond the aforementioned activities. With CTR, we have launched the Mediterranean Basin Project to help boost transatlantic cooperation with Southeast Europe and North Africa. With venues to promote economic cooperation, civil society and women’s organization cooperation in the Mediterranean, we aim to contribute significantly to creating a "New Paradigm for the Mediterranean" composed of vibrant, democratic, and free societies. Our partnership with the Economic Forum in Krynice, Poland serves as yet another platform to pursue these goals.

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