Mediterranean Basin Initiative

Gary Safady

From an early age, Gary Safady knew his destiny was to build and create. Over the past 25 years, Gary has parlayed his talents into his national real estate firm: O&S Holdings, he has successfully developed over several million square feet of projects, including a mixed use 2M square foot Bridge Street Town Centre. Gary is considered a leader in the development community with his keen financial sense and ability to structure complex transactions in the private and public sectors and was even dubbed “The Stealth Developer” by Retail Traffic. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he’s gone on to established a hotel division and is a franchisee of Westin Hotels. Along with his passion and flair for filmmaking he helped create his upscale Monaco Pictures Movie theater chain. This concept has established itself as one of the most successful upscale format movie theaters.

As founder of Safady Entertainment, Gary quickly seized the opportunity to make a splash in the industry by acquiring the book Another Man’s War and turned it into one of the industry’s most anticipated films: “Machine Gun Preacher’ starring Gerard Butler and directed by Marc Forster. Safady Entertainment is currently in pre-production on two additional movies.

In addition, Gary has many other holdings including a partner in Virgin Entertainment Group, where he serves on the Board of Directors for Virgin Produced. After a successful career in real estate, Gary latest venture is catapulting into the mining industry with worldwide interests. Partnering up with mining guru Walter Doyle, the two of them formed IG Mining based in Australia. IG Mining has several projects including a gold mine currently in exploration and indications of a massive tier one gold find. Other projects IG Mining have include Uranium and Thorium projects also based in Australia. Gary and his partner also own Direct Energy Holdings PTY LTD, an energy company focused on proven, new generation technology able to deliver electricity to the global markets that is clean, reliable, affordable and sustainable. Its Direct Carbon Fuel Cell (DCFC) is a highly efficient transfer of coal to power without combustion.

Gary holds a substantial interest in Agrarian Organics (AO) where he also sits on the Board of Directors. AO is a socially conscious organic way to fertilize without the use of toxic substances. AO is currently rolling its products out globally. AO Mission states it properly: Our goal is to inspire logical thinking about the methods we use to grow our food, and how they affect the earth, our health, and our future. We aim to create a future where organic growing practices are commonplace, and future generations will be in disbelief that there was ever a time when we relied on poison to grow the food that sustains us.

Mr. Safady holds a B.A. in Business Finance from Loyola Marymount University and a frequent guest speaker to many universities and conferences.